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Buyers Guide 2019
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NAID AAA Certification
Learn about the industry’s only quality assurance program that verifies security and compliance using unannounced audits.

CSDS Professional Accreditation

Be an expert in the secure destruction industry. Become an accredited professional.

Read the latest local and global industry and association news.

Check out a list of NAID’s webinars, conferences, workshops and public speaking events.

iG Journal
See the latest issue of the association’s quarterly journal.

Read one of the most popular secure destruction industry blogs.

Meet the Leaders
Contact members of the staff, committees, regional committees, and Board of Directors.

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Access resources and manage your account, including update or renew membership information and register for events.

Resources & Information
Access all NAID resources and more information about the association.

NAID Service Providers
Find a local or international secure data destruction provider.

New! Australian Firms: Get Approved
to Destroy Gov’t "Official Information"

Apply to earn NAID AAA Certification with the Australian Government PSPF Endorsement (formerly ASIO T4).

Suppliers to Service Providers
Look for products and services for secure destruction companies.

Information Disposition Textbook
Finally, a book that tells the customer what reputable data destruction service providers have always wanted to say.

Free Compliance Notification
Clients get automatic updates when a service provider’s NAID AAA Certification is renewed or revoked, which fulfills regulatory requirements to monitor vendor compliance.

Proper PHI Disposal
Find useful information and resources about regulatory compliance and data security for hospitals and medical offices.

Downstream Data Coverage
Learn how service providers and their clients benefit from the only professional liability coverage designed for NAID certified providers.

Shred School
Check out the association’s educational platform that provides comprehensive training for industry professionals on a range of topics like sales techniques and NAID programs.

NAID Annual Conference
The secure destruction industry is changing. Our industry professionals need new skills, new information, new tactics and new strategies to grow and succeed. Those who are prepared to invest in themselves and their company should attend NAID 2019.

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