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PAW will be in May 2015

20 Nov. 2015

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum held every year to promote awareness of privacy issues.This year PAW will be 3-9 May 2015. NAID-ANZ members are urged to consider what they or the organization might do to increase awareness on proper data destruction.

“In years past, NAID-ANZ promoted research, specifically the Disposal Habits Study (2013) and the Secondhand Computer Hard Drive Study (2014) as a way to get attention,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “We are also aware that some members conducted their own promotional activities as well. Whatever NAID-ANZ ultimately decides regarding the event, assessing our options sooner rather than later will result in the best outcome.”

PAW is observed throughout the Asian-Pacific region. As a result, NAID will also be considering a unified approach to the event that will benefit all members in the area.