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2016 NAID-ANZ conference planners look to spring for annual event

26 November 2015

Traditionally, NAID-ANZ has held its annual conference in February. Of course, the timing has forced the association to promote the event during the holiday season which is understandably less than ideal.

As a result, the 2016 conference will be held later in the year. Though the date has not been determined, the committee has decided to move the event to the spring, likely in May.

That’s not the only retooling currently under consideration regarding the conference. Planners are currently contemplating expanding the event from one day to two days. There is also talk of expanding the audience to include policy makers and decision makers in an effort to extend the education provided at the event to customers as well as members.

Attendance at the annual conference has been steadily increasing over the years and there is little doubt that next year’s event will see that trend continue.