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NAID-Canada reaches out to new privacy commissioner

25 June 2014

NAID leaders network and educate data protection and privacy officials around the world.

“We realize there’s a lot of competition for the attention of privacy officials,” said NAID President Chris Isabell. “But we have always had good luck in forging a high level of awareness and successful relationships.”

NAID CEO Bob Johnson said the strategy is about timing and opportunity.

“When NAID concludes one if many research projects around the world, we make sure we distribute the results to our entire network of policy officials,” said Johnson. “We know it’s an effective strategy because they often express gratitude and request more information. We also look for good opportunities to introduce new policy officials to NAID, which is exactly what recently happened in Canada when a new privacy commissioner was installed.”

Johnson is referring to the recent appointment of Daniel Therrien. Shortly after Therrien’s appointment on June 5, NAID-Canada sent a welcoming letter to the new commissioner, expressing the wish to continue the relationship it enjoyed with his predecessor, Jennifer Stoddard.

“We’ll wait a respectable amount of time before forwarding the full data destruction dossier,” said NAID-Canada Chair Kevin Perry. “Right now, we simply want to get NAID-Canada on the radar screen without overwhelming him.”