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NAID CEO clarifies perspective, role of NIST guidelines

15 July 2014

Another article by NAID CEO Bob Johnson appeared in a respected industry publication, eScrap. The article pointed to the hazards of mischaracterizing NIST 800-88 as a specification and as a quality control anchor for data sanitization certifications.

“While it may be tempting to use the publication as a standard or specification, that’s simply not appropriate,” said Johnson. “By NIST’s own admission, it is a guideline, which, in strict policy development language, is qualitatively far different.”

Johnson also points to the fact that the guideline was never meant to address the due diligence requirements of qualifying commercial media sanitization.

“The NIST guideline provides an excellent overview of the issues related to media sanitization,” added Johnson. “But it’s a mistake to use if for something for which it was never designed.”

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