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NAID to bring HD sanitization verification in house

15 July 2014

The NAID Board of Directors has approved a recommendation of the Certification Rules Committee to bring the forensic analysis of applicants’ sanitized hard drives in house effective Sept. 1.

“The change will allow NAID greater efficiency and control while at the same time upholding the highest forensic analysis standards available,” said Certification Rules Chairman Eric Haas.

NAID AAA Certification of Sanitization Operations requires the forensic analysis of four sanitized hard drives, two randomly selected from the applicants processed inventory and two control-drives containing known data. By bringing the analysis in house, custodial integrity is improved due to the drives not changing hands. It also means processing time is decreased significantly.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson bringing the analysis in house will have no effect on its quality or validity.

“We’d chosen the most sophisticated and trustworthy forensic analysis service when the program was launched and the quality of their work was never in question,” said Johnson. “The program has simply grown to the point where it makes sense to bring that expertise in house.”

NAID AAA Certification of Sanitization Operations relies on scheduled and unannounced audits by trained and accredited security professionals to verify compliance with operational and regulatory data protection specifications.