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Committee responsible for development of membership, educational programs, and networking opportunities for European information destruction companies, as well as promoting NAID-Europe and the use of contract destruction services to businesses.

Amadeo Roig Casanova (Chair) (34)902-00-77-33
Andrea Antoniou +357 22445520
Yarom Ophir (41)22-307-11-60
Anthony Pearlgood (44)1322-621-900
Freerk Potze (31)597-592983
R. Stephen Richards, CSDS (615)242-9600
Giorgio Spadoni (39) 02-6642951
Rúnar Már Sverrisson (354)568-9095
Roberto Tursini (39) 393/9138-675
Lloyd Williams (44) 115 9777320
Brian Young 00353 1 4625540

Consider joining a NAID Committee to effect change in the Information Destruction Industry.

Please email NAID any questions or suggestions.