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NAID-Europe uses research for special report to European policy makers

Next week, NAID-Europe will distribute a comprehensive report to data protection policy makers across Europe and within the European Commission, distilling conclusions from a range of industry studies conducted over the last 18 months.

The report, “Study Findings: Data Disposal and Personal Security in Europe (2010-2011),” will consolidate the findings of the Data Disposal Consumer Attitudes Research conducted in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain, and the Data Disposal Habits Studies in Madrid and London. The combined report will provide a comprehensive abstract of data disposal habits and attitudes across the region.

As to the goal of the report, NAID CEO Bob Johnson said, “It is hard to argue with the research findings. We firmly believe when policy makers see the results packaged in a meaningful way, they will take secure disposal much more seriously.”

NAID-Europe members will receive a copy of the combined report immediately following its distribution to policy makers.