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Yarom Ophir to Serve as New NAID-Europe Chair and As Director on Global NAID Board

History will be made on 19 March 2011.  That is the day Yarom Ophir (KATANA SA/Switzerland) will be the first member-representative to fill the new NAID-Europe Director’s seat on the NAID Global Board of Directors. 

Mr. Ophir’s term as NAID-Europe Committee Chair will also begin on the same day.  The length of service for both positions is 2 years.

Swiss-based KATANA SA, for which Mr. Ophir is a partner and managing director, has been a member of NAID since 2002. Yarom personally served on the NAID-Europe Committee since it was established.  KATANA SA achieved NAID AAA Certification in 2010, making it the first service provider in Switzerland to do so.