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NAID Certification Gaining Momentum in Europe

There are almost 800 NAID AAA Certified locations in the United States and more than 50 NAID AAA Certified locations in Canada.  Until now, Europe has been slower to adopt the program with only eight locations currently NAID AAA Certified.  It seems, however, that is soon to change.

According to NAID Certification Program Manager Holly Vandervort, there are currently four NAID Certification audits pending in Europe, with a least another six member-locations currently working on their certification applications. This will more than double the number of NAID Certified locations within just a few months.

It isalso encouraging that the EC recently announced it is looking to endorse industry-wide self-policing initiatives as a way to foster better compliance with the Data Protection Directive.  A substantial portion of the NAID-Europe comments submitted to the Commission promoted this strategy, emphasizing the success of the program in North America.

In North America, hundreds of government offices and thousands of private contracts require secure destruction vendors to be NAID Certified.  NAID AAA Certification is also growing in Australasia and Asia.