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NAID-Global Launches New Website Translated Into All Major Languages

NAID recently launched a single new website that will serve the needs of all of the association’s regional chapters from one platform.  Visitors are first directed to a “splash” page that allows them to select the region of the world about which they are seeking information.  In each region, the site is available in the prevailing major languages.

NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen is quick to remind members that the new website is currently in test mode.  “We are relying on our members around the world to help us refine and improve the site – especially in correcting the translations,” says McKissen.

Over the coming weeks and months, each region will be responsible for developing supplemental content and NAID will look to the NAID-Europe Committee for most of that input.

Click here to visit the new NAID-Global website.

Please send corrections, comments or questions about the new NAID-Global website to