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‘NAID Tonight’ now on NAIDTV

Modeled on the format of a modern, late-night talk show, “NAID Tonight” was one of the most innovative and ambitious NAID conference events and now viewers can see it again on NAIDTV. The one-hour show is divided into three parts. Part 1 includes host Ray Barry’s opening monolog, the first commercial break and sales video skits “The Kiss” and “The Gift.” Part 2 includes guest Joe Coletta, sales video skit “The End,” NAID celebrity look-a-likes, and the second commercial break. And, Part 3 features NAID President’s Awardee Tim Oberst, sales video skits “Oops” and “False Alarm,” musical guest David Culbertson and the last commercial break. “NAID Tonight” will remain posted until June 30.