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NAID AAA Certified secure destruction comes to Ireland

NAID-Europe is proud to add another member company in Emerald Isle to the growing list of NAID AAA Certified locations in Europe.

John Nealon, Director of M1 Document Solutions, said, “U.S.-based corporations with operations in Ireland recognize the standard. Having now achieved NAID AAA Certification, we plan on developing more subcontracting relationships with our colleagues in the U.S. and Europe whose customers see the benefit of an international standard.” 

“Many multinational companies now have bases in Ireland,” NAID CEO Bob Johnson concurred. “Given that NAID Certification currently spans the globe, this makes it a very potent marketing tool.”

In in addition to Ireland, European-based NAID Certified service providers are located in Iceland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. To learn more about NAID Certification, watch "Beyond the Claims and Promises" or review the program details on the NAID website.