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NAID-Europe to Replicate Toronto-Style Study in Two European Capitals

NAID-Europe will commission a licensed investigator to randomly examine the contents of publicly accessible commercial trash receptacles to determine the degree to which personal and competitive information is being improperly discarded.

The study mirrors a similar analysis conducted by NAID-Canada last autumn in Toronto, Ontario.  A press conference held at the conclusion of the study in Toronto attracted every major national media outlet and resulted in a national television appearance by NAID CEO Bob Johnson.

About the study and the press coverage Johnson says, “It became obvious that the news media is hungry for this type of information as long as it is done in a manner that is scientific and balanced.”  He is quick to add, “We are not out to embarrass anyone.  We are simply establishing a snapshot of disposal practices.  The study reminds businesses of their responsibilities and gives us something to compare data disposal habits from country to country and over time.”