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Toronto workshop focuses on data protection laws, policy development

Canadian data protection laws require organizations to have written policies and employee training to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. In fact, authorities cite the lack of policies and training as the primary cause of data breaches.

Among the handful of data protection areas where they are required, information disposal is the most overlooked and confusing. In the NAID-Canada Toronto workshop, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will walk attendees through policy and training tools that make the process simple and fast. With proper policies and training in place, security improves dramatically, reducing the risk of data breaches.

"Despite your best-laid plans, there is still a chance that a breach will occur, and it is important to plan for this by ensuring you have a data breach protocol in place,” said Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner, in a NAIDnotes post.

The Toronto workshop will be Feb. 26 at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre. The workshop includes the Compliance Toolkit Workbook, CD and training DVD.Learn about the event at