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NAID reports 2012 membership growth

The association added 159 new member locations in 2012. Also, 177 member locations became NAID AAA Certified last year, marking the first time new certifications have exceeded new memberships.

While growth remained strongest in the U.S., international growth contributed significantly to the association’s continued expansion. Also, of the 159 new member locations, approximately 40% of these businesses operate in the electronics space, which means they offer sanitization, degaussing, or electronic media destruction services. This is a growing segment of the secure destruction market that will continue to be a hot commodity as more and more data is stored on various devices.

NAID Membership Chair and President-Elect Tom Huth said, “As long as we focus on what is best for the industry and deliver a quality message, membership will take care of itself. It is really not about numbers; it is about our mission.”

Much of NAID’s steady growth can be attributed to the association’s relentless efforts to build consumer and member awareness about vendor qualifications, policy development and employee training. All of these elements are now required by law and will be enforced through the new HITECH Final Rule. Currently, NAID has 1,938 member locations globally.