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NAID-ANZ Disposal Habits Study publicized across Australia

On Feb. 19, 2013, NAID-ANZ hosted a secure destruction conference and press conference in Sydney, Australia. At the press conference, NAID released the results of the NAID-ANZ Disposal Habits Study.

The study took place in January and February 2013 in the Sydney metropolitan area and investigated the information disposal habits of local businesses. At the press conference, NAID CEO Bob Johnson said that 11% of commercial trash bins contained personal confidential information and that certain sectors of business casually discarded private information more often than others. NAID-ANZ worked closely with Australian based publicist Nick Hill from Hillster Marketing to generate media interest in these results. In doing so, the study attracted several large and medium-sized publications and media outlets to the press conference. In the weeks after the press conference, the NAID-ANZ Disposal Habits Study made it into more than 20 publications. Here are a few examples of those stories:

For more information about the study or for a copy of the summary of results, please contact NAID’s Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg at