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NAID ‘em marketing campaign seeks to redefine ‘shredding’

“The general public now equates ‘shredding’ with ‘data destruction,’” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “In reality ‘shredding’ is simple. ‘Data destruction,’ on the other hand, is not so simple. It involves training, auditing, identifying vendor selection criteria, and developing policies and procedures. In general, our industry and data security have suffered from being equated simply with the idea of shredding. The NAID ‘em campaign seeks to more appropriately frame ‘data destruction.’”

When asked about the time it would take for such a campaign to be effective, Johnson responded, “I see this as an endless process. Obviously, there are many consumers that already understand proper destruction is more than the simple act of shredding. On the other hand, there many more for which it will take years. You don’t redefine ‘shredding’ overnight.”

NAID members can learn more about the NAID ‘em campaign at There are also a number of ways NAID members can support and benefit directly from the initiative. A more in-depth profile of the NAID ‘em campaign is available in the winter 2013 edition of NAIDnews, which will be out next week.