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First NAID AAA Certification in Germany Continues Trend toward Global Acceptance of Standard

Just this week, Cintas Document Management’s German-based facilities have achieved NAID AAA Certification, making them the first secure destruction service in that country to do so. The company has already achieved NAID AAA Certification across all of North America, and is committed to meeting the standard at all of its Document Management operations.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “This continues the trend toward recognizing a common global operational security standard.”  He adds, “With NAID Certification now present in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia, its credibility as a standard increases dramatically. Of course, we find that clients also value the credibility of our audit methodology, which relies on announced and random surprise audits by specially trained and accredited security professionals.”

According to Johnson, “Customers like the fact that a NAID Certified operation can be audited at anytime without advanced notice.  They know other certifications do not have that feature.”  Johnson continues, “The interesting thing is that well-run companies also like the surprise unannounced audits.  It helps keep their employees on their toes and they can use that in their marketing.”

In Europe, NAID Certified secure destruction contractors can currently be found in Iceland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and now Germany.

The NAID Certification program has been the subject of more good news in recent months.  In the United States, where there are now over 800 NAID AAA Certified locations, the US Veterans Administration, the largest healthcare network in the country, recently required all destruction contractors to be NAID Certified.