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NAID Global Grows to 1,800 Member Locations – Resources and Strength Increase

Within the last month, NAID surpassed 1,800 member locations around the world, indicating the widespread adoption of the idea that one globally coordinated organization can accomplish more than dozens of separate organizations.

“We do not confuse NAID’s success with our member’s success,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “but acceptance of NAID around the world, and the financial strength that comes from the combined resources of so many members, does mean we can accomplish more than we could as separate organizations.”  Johnson adds, “NAID has proven it is not afraid to spend money in parts of the world where it is needed even though it may be far beyond the revenue generated there.”

“Disproportional spending is necessary and a big benefit that comes from a large global operation,” says Yarom Ophir, a member of the NAID Global board of directors and Chairman of the NAID-Europe Committee.  According to Mr. Ophir, “The disposal surveys that will be conducted in the UK and in Spain this summer, and the publicity campaign that will follow, could never be done if we did not have a large global organization with the economic resources to do these projects.”