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Social media marketing proves to be successful for NAID

17 June 2013

As Shred School starts up and NAID receives some high profile media coverage in TIME Magazine and Australian publications, NAID’s social media platforms have seen a boost in interactions. NAID’s LinkedIn discussion group has 882 members with an 83 percent week-over-week growth rate. In the last couple of months, NAID’s main Facebook page (not including the NAID in Nashville page) has added 70 new likes and continues to have a 45-60 percent weekly reach rate. NAID’s Twitter page added 120 new followers in the last couple of months, the majority of which are consumers and media. These numbers are slow but steady and encouraging.

“What’s exciting to me is that we’re finally starting to crack the consumer barrier,” said NAID Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg. “Even though our mission is to promote the information destruction industry and the standards of its member companies, a large part of that is reaching consumers and educating them about their privacy and data protection responsibilities. It seems like some are taking notice now in a more public way by following our social media pages.”

Members and consumers can follow NAID’s LinkedIn (company and discussion group), Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages to keep up with the latest identity theft, data breach, dumpster diving and association news. NAID provides this information in a digestible format – like links and pictures – to be easily shared on other social media pages and websites. In addition, NAID has a biweekly blog, NAIDnotes, where industry experts and NAID’s CEO Bob Johnson blog about sales, marketing, legislation, NAID membership, sanitization, shredding and more.