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SSD task force now accepting participant applications

11 Sept. 2013

Last week, the NAID Solid State Drive (SSD) Sanitization Research Task Force began accepting applications from organizations seeking to participate in the program. In October, the task force will select between four and eight participants, all of whom will be provided with a batch of SSD-dependent devices to sanitize. The control SSDs will be populated with a wide variety of known data. Ultimately, the control SSDs will be returned to NAID and forwarded to a highly regarded research facility to evaluate the efficacy by using an increasingly invasive regime of recovery techniques.

While participants will receive an incredible amount of detailed research results regarding their particular solution, NAID will report aggregated details without reference to a specific participant. 

The results will be used by NAID to assess the validity of SSD sanitization in real-world applications and conditions, provide direction and guidance to consumers assessing their SSD destruction options, and develop appropriate NAID Certification specifications and forensic evaluation techniques.

Click here for a more extensive description of the project and the NAID SSD Research Study Participant Application.