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Downstream Data user group webinar coming

25 Sept. 2013

Many NAID AAA Certified members now indemnified by Downstream Data Coverage are reporting an interesting phenomenon: the coverage is serving as an incredible marketing tool.

“We’re proud to have the [Downstream] policy and so we talk about it with our clients,” said Scott Fasken, NAID past president. “When the client asks our competition about their professional liability coverage, the competitor doesn’t have a real good response. Even if the competitor has some kind of E&O coverage, they don’t know how to address the issues that Downstream raises.”

NAID will host a webinar the second week of October to teach policyholders how to broach issues related to professional liability with their customers. Policyholders will be contacted directly with more information on how to participate. Visit the Upcoming Events page of the NAID website for more information about the webinar. 

“Having proper professional liability coverage is simply a reality created by the new data protection liabilities,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “NAID’s strategy to build a member-owned, risk retention group provides a better product and helps control the inevitable expense.”