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Board of Directors approves committee appointments

29 Oct. 2013

The NAID Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Renee Keener of American Document Securities and Patrick DeVries of Devries Business Services to the 2014 Nominating Committee. As the past president, Scott Fasken of Colorado Document Security is automatically the committee’s chairperson.

The committee has already held its first meeting, and is currently in the process of recommending campaign and election rules, reviewing this 2014 Nominating Form and other documents and processes related to developing a slate of candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors’ elections.

John Anderson of Shred360 is also working with this year’s Nominating Committee. Anderson, who is also a NAID Director, has been asked by his colleagues on the board to develop a formal process for orienting new board members on their new responsibilities. Anderson’s involvement on the Nominating Committee is attributed to the fact that the orientation process actually begins when someone agrees to run for office.

An announcement will follow soon when nominations for the 2014 NAID Board of Directors are opened in mid-November. Open posts will include three directors’ seats, and the offices of secretary and president elect. The vendor liaison seat will also be open.