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NAID launches 2014 Shred School, new mastermind groups

19 Nov. 2013

NAID will be hosting 10 workshops in 2014 and offering personalized sales coaching.

“Based off the glowing and constructive feedback we received, we will be visiting more cities next year,” said Ray Barry, Chief Shreducation and Member Relations Officer. “Also, I’m really excited to announce a new program in conjunction with Shred School, the NAID Sales Mastermind Groups. These groups will help Shred School graduates continue their professional development to become the best sales entrepreneurs and managers they can be.”

The 2014 Shred School workshops will have new curriculum, including LinkedIn prospecting, relationship building, online advertising and mistakes to avoid making in the industry. To reinforce the strategies taught in Shred School, graduates will have the opportunity to sign up for sales coaching from Barry in the mastermind groups. Groups will be market exclusive and meet twice a month to discuss a variety of issues.