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Work Begins on European Version of New NAID Sales and Training Video

NAID recently released a DVD that allows members to provide customers with training services that are required by U.S. regulations.  Members in the U.S. have found that the training component makes an excellent sales tool and also convinces prospective customers that they should take proper data destruction more seriously.  Approximately 600 copies of the DVD have been purchased by NAID members in the U.S. in the 3 months since its release.

At the urging NAID of members from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland who viewed the new DVD at the 2011 Annual Conference, NAID has begun work on a similar sales tool for use in Europe. 

The NAID-Europe Sales/Training Video is scheduled to be shown publicly the first time at the Joint NAID-Europe/PRISM/ARMA Conference in London from 7 – 9 November.