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NAID says goodbye to key staffer

19 Dec. 2013

Last week marked the departure of Holly Vandervort, who has served as NAID’s Chief Compliance Officer for the past four years and the Certification Program Manager for three years prior to that.

“Something like this leaves you with mixed emotions,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “On the one hand, it creates a vacuum in the operational structure and the loss of lots of institutional know-how and, on the other hand, it is great to see people develop to the point they can take on new challenges.”

Vandervort is not moving too far. She left NAID to take a position as records manager at a large, Phoenix-based law firm. 

“One thing we know for sure,” added Johnson. “We know they will have a great data destruction program and she will affect the knowledge base of all the major law firms in town.”

The NAID Executive Committee will work with Johnson to reorganize the current staff to pick up the slack. Many options are on the table, and the compliance department runs on a very deliberate system.