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New member service to launch in 2014

19 Dec. 2013

NAID will launch a new, free service for members in 2014 that will allow them to better capitalize on current data destruction and protection news.

“Many if not most associations routinely distribute batched, industry-related news links, which are invariably gathered from Google alerts or RSS news feeds,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “What’s missing from this process is interpreting the news for members and their customers into meaningful information they can use. In an age of content marketing, that filtering and interpretation is critical.”

Therefore, Johnson will paraphrase the top four or five industry-related news articles for each week, summarizing the key elements of the report and explaining the relevance of the information in the context of similar incidents, data protection regulations, and enforcement actions.

“By adding useful context and commentary, NAID will create content that members can use in their content feeds, blogs, newsletters and sales efforts,” said Johnson.