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Vandervort bets on NAID, new responsibilities

15 Jan. 2014

NAID received a hard-fought present over the holidays, one that all members should celebrate. It was previously announced with considerable regret that Chief Compliance Officer Holly Vandervort was leaving the organization to pursue another opportunity. Despite her resolve, NAID management and the board of directors refused to give up hope they might find a way to prevent her departure.

After a full-court press and many emails from members imploring her to stay, she agreed. She is not getting off so easy, however, as her job has considerably expanded. Under her new title, Chief Operations and Compliance Officer, Vandervort adds management of the organization’s administration and operations to the already daunting job of managing the complaint resolution and certification processes.

“I am delighted to continue working for NAID and its members as we work toward our joint goals in this ever-changing industry,” said Vandervort. “At the end of the day, it came down to still wanting to be part of what NAID is doing. I believe in its cause and I look forward to my new operational responsibilities and the exciting initiatives we will be rolling out in 2014 and beyond.”

When asked how the organization convinced Vandervort to stay, NAID President Tom Huth said, “Talented people want opportunities to grow and in analyzing our needs, NAID had a greater need for Holly’s skills and abilities. So, we were able to craft a win-win scenario. We’re also not ashamed to say that begging helped a little too.”