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NAID announces cooperative discounts

15 Jan. 2014

In an effort to create more access to educational opportunities for secure destruction professionals, NAID is offering discounts for attending Shred School and the annual conference. Although many business owners and supervisors would like to send every employee to the NAID annual conference every year, the reality is that budgets are tight and manpower is needed at their facilities.

“To make it easier on your wallet, we’ve created discounts for past Shred School attendees and for people who go to the annual conference,” said Ray Barry, NAID Chief Shreducation and Member Relations Officer. “We want to encourage people to continue their professional development and to take advantage of all that their association has to offer.”

Past Shred School graduates (and any representative from their companies) are eligible for a 33 percent discount on future Shred School workshops. Professionals who attend the NAID 2014 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., this year will get a 20 percent discount if they decide to attend a Shred School workshop. To learn more about the Shred School program and related discounts, contact