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2014 ballot to contains bylaw changes

15 Jan. 2014

The 2014 Board of Directors Election Ballot will soon be available to all eligible member representatives. As usual, it will list relevant information about the candidates so voters can make their selections. This year, however, the ballot will be used to ask members to ratify two bylaw amendments passed by the board in the past year.

The first bylaw amendment grants the NAID president or presiding officer the ability to declare certain board proceedings confidential. This is critical for times the members of the board must discuss issues related to ethics or human resources. 

“Because the bylaws specify meetings be run using Robert’s Rules, the ability to call a confidential executive session is already within the NAID president’s power,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “This amendment simply clarifies the point directly in the bylaws language.”

The other bylaw change is more significant. The board has amended the bylaws to create a new classification of member certification called custodial membership. The 2014 ballot will contain a full explanation of custodial membership eligibility requirements. The ultimate purpose is to encourage and acknowledge upstream data management service providers who use a qualified service provider to properly destroy the materials in their temporary custody.

“The new custodial membership will drive more business to NAID members,” said NAID President Tom Huth.