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NAID-ANZ study creates stir, increases awareness

27 Feb. 2014

By all accounts, the NAID-ANZ accomplished its goal of increasing awareness about securing data on recycled computers with the NAID-ANZ Secondhand Hard Drive Study. To date, the results have been widely reported across Australia, but also in many U.S. publications such as IT Management and CSO Magazine. Talk radio shows across Australia continue to reach out for live interviews and major media publications as far away as the United Kingdom are turning to NAID for input on how their readers can better protect themselves.

“The nice thing about an initiative like this is that it increases awareness around the world,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “It also provides NAID members with information they can use to promote their services, which should not be overlooked. Long term, this may be how it serves our mission best.”

As described in the Feb. 19 press release, 30 percent of used hard drives randomly purchased on the secondhand market, often having been previously owned by commercial enterprises, were found to contain a wide range of personal information. Here are a few links to the coverage of the study results: