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Reorganization will increase focus on membership needs

27 Feb. 2014

As announced last week, Ray Barry has been promoted to the position of deputy executive director. The promotion, approved by the NAID Executive Committee, is to reflect the association’s renewed focus on the management of the Canadian and European chapters. Essentially, Barry will serve as the acting executive director of these two regions. The new duties will be added to his current responsibilities related to Shred School and member relations.

The reorganization is intended to not only improve focus on these regional chapters, but to allow NAID CEO Bob Johnson to focus more attention on member initiatives in the U.S. According to Johnson, the change is long overdue and one of the benefits of having someone of Barry’s acumen on board.

“NAID has grown by more than 1,000 percent over the last decade with very little change in the management structure” said Johnson. “The process we’re going through now is overdue and members everywhere will benefit from the increased focus.”

According to Johnson, increased delegation and accountability is an ongoing process at NAID.

“Earlier in the year, long-time staff member Holly Vandervort was promoted to Chief Compliance and Operations Officer for the same reason,” added Johnson. “We are continually looking for ways to empower staff to make the association stable and strong over the long term.”