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NAID certification consumer notification program gaining traction

27 Feb. 2014

While it’s only been available for a few months, the NAID Certification Consumer Notification Program continues to gain popularity as an increasing number of organizations see the necessity to monitor their service provider’s participation in the program.

“It’s obvious that customers like that the service is so easy to use,” said NAID’s Director of Certification Operations Katie Mahoney. “I am sure it also helps that the service is free.”

The program automatically notifies customers of any change in an organization’s NAID certification status, including notification of certification renewal or lapsing. According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, it is simply a natural evolution of the association’s certification program.

“With thousands of private and government contracts now requiring NAID certification, it became apparent that those customers needed some way to monitor compliance,” said Johnson. “Compliance is about verification and monitoring and the notification program offers a simple and effect solution.”

Anyone can use the service by requesting the notifications, which are automatically sent to the email of their choice. Checks and balances built into the software prevent false notifications from being sent. NAID certified members are also encouraged to use the service so they are seeing the same notice that is being sent to any of their customers monitoring their participation.

Click here to read more about NAID Certification Notification Program and to sign up to receive the notifications. The service is provided with complete anonymity and NAID does not release information about service usage.