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New membership category adds dimension to association influence

28 March 2014

Two bylaws changes were also included on the 2014 election ballot. The electronic ballot included an in-depth explanation of the new membership category, including the rationale and benefits to both consumers and service providers. Both changes were ratified. While one of the approved modifications was a simple housekeeping issue related to confidential proceedings, the other was to create a Custodial Membership category. This new category could have a significant impact on the association’s long-term market relevance.

“There are a lot of records and information management (RIM) providers who don’t offer destruction services but still represent a link in the data destruction process,” said NAID President Tom Huth. “This new membership category allows those companies to support the association’s mission to promote proper information destruction and to be recognized for demonstrating they are committed to security and regulatory compliance.”

“Over the years, NAID has routinely turned away RIM service providers who support secure destruction providers and our members,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “This category provides a mechanism for them to be included.”

Despite his enthusiasm, Johnson said the new membership category will take some time to gain traction.

“Like anything new, education and will be required,” said Johnson. “While there’s some pent-up demand from those who already see the marketing benefit of aligning with NAID, it will take effort to demonstrate that value to the rest.”

Logistical and audit standards for NAID Custodial Membership are currently being development. The association expects to announce its availability in a few months.