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Downstream raises limits, announces sales training webinar

17 April 2014

Downstream Data Coverage has recently increased its available limits to $5 million annually. This will help many member companies for which the previous $2 million limit was insufficient.

Despite the $2 million limit, Downstream has received an impressive level of interest,” said Tom Simpson who chairs the Downstream board. “This new limit will attract many of those with higher contractual indemnification limits.”

NAID CEO Bob Johnson reported he is not surprised by the level of interest.

“I’ve said all along it is only a matter of time before every vendor who touches client data will be forced to have professional liability,” said Johnson. “Recent precedents allowing class action data breach lawsuits to proceed in court will force the issue. In the meantime, service providers who are able to confront that need and educate their customers on this advancing trend are reaping the sales benefits.”

A free webinar to help those members insured by Downstream Data Coverage understand and communicate its advantages to their customers will be held sometime in May. Policyholder companies will be contacted directly with the exact date and time. For more information on Downstream Data Coverage, visit or email Johnson at