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Seven Shred Schools left in 2014

30 May 2014

In two weeks, NAID will be conducting its fifth Shred School workshop in Philadelphia, Pa. To date, all Shred School workshops have sold out, including those in held in 2013.

“Although we know Shred School is a valuable educational tool that all secure destruction professionals should take advantage of,” said NAID Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry. “We had no idea just how popular it would actually be.”

Shred School was originally created by Barry when he was a consultant in the industry. Since 2012, NAID has owned the trademark and revised the curriculum and cost to attend to give access to more professionals. Now, Shred School is a two-day training program that focuses entirely on the needs of secure professionals. Industry experts like Barry and NAID CEO Bob Johnson share their legislation, sales, operational, marketing and business knowledge with attendees, including a plan to drive growth in their markets.

"Shred School is full of great information and friendly people,” said Brenda Huff, a Houston Shred School attendee.

Through November, Shred School will visit seven more cities: Philadelphia, Pa.; Chicago, Ill.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Nashville, Tenn.; Phoenix, Ariz.; London, U.K.; and Orlando, Fla. Visit to read about the program and register.