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Downstream Data growth sign of the times

25 June 2014

To say that interest in the NAID’s professional liability is on the rise is an understatement, according to NAID CEO Bob Johnson.

“The NAID Board of Directors knew we were ahead of the trend when Downstream was launched,” said Johnson. “But we were confident that professional liability would become something customers would require. Had we waited for that to happen before we acted, we would have been failed our members.”

According to Johnson, the demand has caught up with the solution. He is answering member inquiries on a daily basis and that the number of policies sold in the last six months exceeds the number sold in the previous 24 months.

“It’s ironic that those who may have put off the decision to act in order to save money, find out after obtaining Downstream that the new business it generates far exceeds the cost,” added Johnson.

As previously announced, Downstream policyholders are invited to attend a special sales training webinar next June 25 to learn how to use it as an effective market differentiator.