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L.A. Shred School reaches target capacity

21 Aug. 2014

According to NAID Deputy Executive Director Ray Barry, the news about the upcoming Shred School in Los Angeles being sold out is starting to sound like a broken record.

“We’re really just happy members are seeing this for what we intended,” said Barry. “Which is affordable training aimed at staff who would otherwise not have access to such tools.”

From the time NAID took over the Shred School program, every workshop has sold out. Shred School has proven the ability to attract an audience even when it returns to a city it previously visited.

“We were anxious to see if Shred School would be sustainable from year to year,” said Barry. Not only are we attracting new attendees but, better yet, a significant percentage of the audience is coming back for more. We definitely see this as a sustainable program year after year.”

As the late Chet Holmes said in the book The Ultimate Sales Machine,” The companies that get the most and best training will own the future, train or feel the pain.”