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Madrid trash contents study complete – Press conference in September


As the first NAID-Europe Trash Contents Study comes to a close in Spain, attention now turns to the publicity campaign surrounding the release of the findings.

Over the last 6 weeks, NAID has commissioned a private investigative firm to analyze the contents of commercial trash receptacles used by a broad range of data-intensive organizations, including banks, government agencies, and medical facilities of all sizes.  The plan is to now make the results public at a press conference in Madrid early in September.

A similar study in Toronto, Canada, last autumn produced some very troubling findings, including that 75% of doctors’ offices placed undestroyed confidential patient information in the trash.  The publicity campaign in Canada was very successful, putting the study results and the issue of data destruction on the front page of every major newspaper in the country.  NAID CEO Bob Johnson also appeared on one of Canada’s most highly watched television news broadcasts to discuss the study’s findings.

“It will also be interesting to release the findings in the context of last year’s Consumer Attitudes study in Spain.  In that study, businesses widely reported that they were properly destroying discarded information,” Johnson says. “We often find that decision makers believe their employees are destroying discarded information but it does not happen in practice.”

Next Stop London:  At the same time NAID-Europe is announcing the results of the Madrid Trash Contents Study, a similar study will begin in the UK.  The results of the UK study will be announced at a press conference in London sometime in October, just prior to the NAID-Europe Conference.

Click here view video of last year’s Toronto Trash Study Press Conference.