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Video sales tool made for UK market hopes to replicate success in the US

Every data protection law in the developed world contains a requirement for employee training on data protection. 

And, if the experience of secure destruction services in the UK is the same as it has been in the US for the last 6 months, NAID members there are going to soon be able to use that fact to dramatically improve their sales.

“Regulators know that organizations cannot completely control how employees discard sensitive information,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “and they take that into consideration.  Regulators do not understand, however, when an organisation does not train their employees.  This new sales tool allows NAID members to provide a turnkey training programme to their customers that fulfills that regulatory requirement and keep regulators satisfied.”

Johnson added, “We understand that the regulatory environment in the UK is different from the US.  That does not mean that well trained and aggressive secure destruction services will not be able to replicate the success similar companies are experiencing on the other side of the Atlantic.”

The UK version of this new sales tool will be presented at 11:00 AM on 8 November during a session titled “The Training Imperative: How to Use the NAID Employee Training Sales Video.”

NOTE: In this session, NAID Past President Jim Beran will also discuss the subtle ways the video is used to increase sales outside of its application in customer training.

Click here to see a short introduction to the US version of the Employee Training Programme.