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London disposal habits study concludes / Press conference next step

If “past is prologue,” as the saying goes, the response to the upcoming release of the London Disposal Habits Study should attract considerable attention.

“When we released the results of a similar study in Toronto last year, the story made the front page of every major national newspaper, the local evening broadcast news, and even led to a national television appearance,” said NAID Public Relations Chair David Surdyk.

Then, last month, using many of the lessons learned from the Toronto study, the results of the Madrid Disposal Habits Study were even more impressive.

A press conference held on 13 September at the Puerta de Americas Hotel attracted many of the most influential print and broadcast media outlets in the country.  Between the press conference and press releases distributed nationally, NAID-Europe members across the country were responding to both local and national press inquires about their services and the importance of proper disposal.

The results of the study were reported nationally and led to a series of both televised and radio broadcast interviews.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “This study put data disposal and data protection in the headlines and started a national dialog about the responsibilities of the government and business to properly protect and properly destroy personal information.”

With the London Disposal Habits study just coming to a conclusion, there is considerable anticipation about the media and public reaction there too.

An announcement about the London Disposal Habits Study release date will be made early next week.

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