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Bookmark and ShareTuesday July 11, 2017


Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 12)

By Bob Johnson

I came into this blog series with two intentions:
First, I wanted to demonstrate the fact that the new Information Disposition textbook confronts the top ten misconceptions that keep NAID members from best serving their customers. And that, properly understood and used, it could help service providers overcome those misconceptions. 
Second, many field representatives still don’t know that there are clear and concise arguments for overcoming these objections. Too often, when we come upon a customer who is putting their organization at risk because they harbor one or more of these misconceptions, we simply throw up our hands or shrug our shoulders, and walk away frustrated. Thanks to Information Disposition that is no longer the case. 
Whether it’s by using the textbook as a proof statement or simply mastering the content, the responses to educate customers are now readily available and it up to secure destruction service providers to use the resources at their disposal to reduce customer risks and to improve their businesses. 

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