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NAID Toolkit Workshops Hit the Road

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Starting in August and continuing through the fall months, NAID will be offering day-long, high-intensity, hands-on training sessions across the country designed to give members, and their sales staff practical experience using the NAID Compliance Toolkit (CTK) in real world applications.  The workshop is intended to give sales personnel the confidence they need to promote the CTK as a key driver in developing new business.  They will create a policy from scratch and see how it was intended to be used.  They will also leave with concrete examples of a wide range of policies and procedures developed from the CTK which they can use as examples in the field. 

As Jim Beran, NAID’s President-Elect and member of the CTK Development Committee puts it, “We have seen a handful of NAID members use the Toolkit very effectively to drive new sales.  The key to that seems to be having a road map to use it and the proper training.  So, since we know it works, we are just going to start providing the training.” 

The first of the CTK Training Workshops will be held in Houston, TX on August 20, 2009. Registration information will be provided soon and new workshop locations and dates will be announced regularly.  The Houston CTK Workshop follows a speech on August 19th to a large security conference there.