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Shredding by Prison Inmates Costs More Than It Saves

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On February 20, 2009 The Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Virginia reported that Virginia Beach Sheriff Paul Lanteigne paid for an industrial shredder for the shredding of government documents by prison inmates. 

The plan is supposed to save the city money on the contract it has with a document shredding company. However, the bottom line is that in order to try to maintain secure shredding of government documents by prisoners (quiet the oxy moron) prison staff will have to be paid to supervise the shredding. In the end, protection of personal information is at risk and the cost to employ supervisory staff will more than likely cost more than the secure shredding contract. 

Once again, outsourcing document disposal proves to be compliant with document disposal laws as well as cost effective. Hopefully, Sheriff Lanteigne will look out for the best interests of the citizens he is supposed to protect. 

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