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Gym Clients’ Personal Information Found in Trash

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On February 9, 2009 CBS 4 in Denver reported personal records from the recently closed Anti-Gym were found in the trash outside of the gym. On January 28, Internal Revenue Service agents shut the gym down and seized the assets of the property for non-payment of payroll taxes. Two weeks later the CBS 4 investigative team was contacted regarding the fact that personal records of Anti-Gym clients were found in the trash. 

The personal records recovered from the trash included medical history, relationship status and credit card information. Additionally, trainer notes on clients included negative comments regarding health and weight status. 

The IRS stated that they did not dump the personal records in the trash. Owner Michael Karolchyk stated that he was only given a half hour to inventory his assets and he made sure to take all credit card information with him. Despite this claim, the fact is that Anti-Gym clients’ credit card information was found in the trash. 

Either way, client’s personal information was improperly discarded and found in a dumpster. Company owners are responsible for compliance with secure information destruction laws whether their business succeeds or fails. 

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