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Privacy Probe of Healthcare Company Due to Records Found on Ottawa Street

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On December 31, 2008 CBC News in Canada reported a parking attendant found medical records of patients from CML Healthcare out on the street in downtown Ottawa. The documents contained names, phone numbers and sensitive medical data and were seen blowing around on the street by pedestrians and the CBC News reporter upon arrival to the scene at 10:30 AM. 

Ann Cavoukian of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner stated that an investigation of the incident is underway. After being informed that an Ottawa man had found the medical records, she contacted CML Healthcare and directed the office personnel to search the streets for any records that had not been found from the incident. 

CML Healthcare did not contract a secure destruction company to properly dispose of medical records. The company could be found in breach of the law and have legal action taken against them. Cavoukian also said that the company could have damage to its reputation. The potential legal and financial repercussions CML Healthcare may face probably does not sound too well for the 119 medical imaging clinics across the country, the 124 medical test clinics across Ontario and the medical diagnostic lab. 

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