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TV Station Receives Patient Medical Records Found in Trash

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On January 01, 2009 First Coast News, an ABC/NBC affiliate station in Jacksonville, Florida, reported someone sent the station private medical records found in the trash. The un-shredded documents were from the office of psychiatrist Dr. Angali Pathak and included names, social security numbers, addresses, prescription information and birth dates. 

The doctor’s office stated that they have no idea how the records ended up in the trash but sometimes the shredder does not work. Excuses do not protect doctor’s offices from HIPAA laws or the fines and jail time that are associated with a violation. The gamble of having a shredder in the office is not worth the risk of 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine. One sure way for doctor’s to ensure that they are not violating HIPAA is to establish an office compliance protocol that includes contracting a secure destruction company. 

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