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Hard Drive Sanitization Certification to be Opened for Business

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On November 1, the NAID Certification of Hard Drive Sanitization Operations will again be available to all member-companies that wish to participate. As planned, the program was unavailable for a short time, so that NAID could evaluate lessons learned during the first release.

Among the modifications that were made as a result of the evaluation are:

The applicant must identify whether the physical HD destruction method is Plant-based only or Plant-based and Mobile

The Sanitization timeframe standard is increased from 15 days to 30 days, while also being consistent with what is stated in the applicant’s policies and procedures.

The applicant must identify an acceptable system of reaction and review of recently processed hard drives if data discovered during their internal quality control

The applicant must identify all transport scenarios when not by employees.

The new NAID Certification of Sanitization Operations is available only to members. The application will be posted on the Members Only section of the NAID website on November 1, 2008.