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NAID Marketing Brochure Help Members Grow Business

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Over the last year, NAID Members have purchased over 357,000 of the marketing brochures that NAID produces to help members sell their services.

The brochure titled "How Outsourcing is More Secure and Less Expensive Than Shredding It Yourself" leads the pack with over 120,000 sold over the last 12 months. "Why Shred?" is holding its own with about 60,000 in sales last year. "Don’t be a Target" is selling at the rate of about 10,000 brochures per month, which may see it replace "Outsourcing" as the top selling brochure. What is interesting is that all the 7 NAID marketing brochures are consistently being ordered, with the lowest selling over 27,000 units last year.

Descriptions and images of all NAID marketing brochures are available in the Membership Benefits page of the association’s website. The Marketing Material Order Form is available in the forms section of the website.